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For Sony Playstation 2 PS2 MX4SIO SIO2SD SD Card Adapter – Transparent

Connect a SD card to the memory card slot via this simple to use adapter. The SD/TF card is not recognized by the console directly. Only specially developed homebrew software can access the SD/TF card, perfect for use with the FMCB.

For Sony Playstation 2 PS2 64MB FMCB V1.953 Memory Card Adapter

Pre installed Free McBoot FMCB 64MB memory card adapter for the Playstation 2 PS2. Compatible with a wide range of models and hardware variations (see full description) Simple plug and play into your PS2 console.

For Nintendo Gamecube / Wii GCSD Micro SD Memory Card Adapter – Transparent

Use a Micro SD memory card to run homebrew software on a modified Gamecube or Wii console. Works with action replay, gc loader or picoboot. Picoboot modded machines require the swiss dol file to be renamed as ipl.dol and added to the root of the SD card. Place the adapter in memory slot 2, keep memory slot 1 for the standard GameCube memory card.

For Sega Mega Drive / Genesis V3 Flash Game Card Turbo Drive SD Card

Simple plugin device to play your backups and homebrew files. Supports over 99% of Mega drive and Genesis games. Supports games with 32M bit capacity. Supports up to 32GB SD memory card including SDHC.

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Samsung G955F Galaxy S8 Plus 360º PC & TPU Full Case With Protective Screen Cover

£1.35 £1.62 Inc. VAT £0.95 £1.14 Inc. VAT
Two piece case offering full protection including the screen. Hard PC outer with a softer TPU gel inner and clear protective cover for the screen.

For iPhone 7 LCD Screen & Touch Digitiser With Front Camera & Speaker – Black – OEM Pulled

OEM Original LCD Screen & Touch Digitiser for the iPhone 7. Complete part in Grade A / B condition. Includes LCD, touch digitiser, front glass, ear speaker, front camera flex and metal fixing plates!

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro OEM Dual Sim Card Reader Flex Cable

Replacement OEM iPhone 12 / 12 Pro dual sim card reader flex cable.

AAA Quality A2471 2227mAh Replacement Battery For iPhone 12 mini

AAA quality replacement battery for the iPhone 12 mini. 2227mAh capacity provides similar performance as an original battery.

OEM Wireless Charging NFC Antenna Flex Cable For Samsung G975 Galaxy S10+ Plus

OEM service pack original equipment wireless charging and NFC flex cable. Includes fixing adhesive.

Repair Tools

RELIFE RL-014C Intelligent UV Fast Curing Lamp With Cooling Fan

RELIFE RL-014C UV light curing lamp for curing adhesives and oils used in PCB repairs. Built in cooling fan effectively dissipates heat during the curing process, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity of the lamp. Powered by Type-C USB-C cable.

Qianli Mega Idea Clone DZ03 Dot Projector Matrix / Battery Programmer For iPhone

Program dot projector / matrix and battery tag on flex. Dot projector programming supported for iPhone X - iPhone 14. Battery detection programming supports iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 Pro Max. Multi purpose programmer with changeable boards, additional boards available but not included.

QianLi iHandy TX01 Carbon Fiber Universal Repair Knife Handle

Fiber glass handle with 2 x replaceable blades. Universal fit means this handle can use most blades. Perfect for motherboard glue cutting and CPU IC chip removal.

RELIFE RL-066B Easy Back Glass Adjustable Breaking Blaster Pen Tool

When replacing the back glass on iPhone or any other brand it can be easier when the glass is broken into smaller pieces. The RELIFE RL-066B now makes that possible, simply place the tool in the area you want broken and push down. The tool will punch into the glass and crack it. Adjustable force to avoid unnecessary damage.

RELIFE RL-724A High Precision Torque Screwdriver 0.6 Tri-Point

High precision torque screwdriver for 0.6 Tri-point. Anti-slip due to excessive force, the torque will not allow over tightening and prevent damage. Suitable for disassembly and maintenance of various iPhone models.
Premium Folio Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Case With Trackpad / Stand For iPad

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