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Replacement parts, modifications and accessories for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Nintendo Gamecube

For Nintendo Gamecube PICOboot Raspberry Pi Pico Board With USB-C

£6.95 £8.34 Inc. VAT
Replacement Nintendo Gamecube PICOboot Raspberry Pi Pico Board. Boots any DOL app (swiss) of your choice. Fully programmable via USB cable without any drivers or programs.

For Nintendo Gamecube Model DOL-001 Component Video 5RCA YPbPr Cable

£39.95 £47.94 Inc. VAT
Display a clean best possible image from your GameCube console with a Component Video 5RCA YPbPr Cable Built in full high-quality audio connections, no need for a separate AV cable. Compatible with model “DOL-001” GameCube consoles, which have the digital video port.

For Nintendo Gamecube SD2SP2 Pro Micro SD Adapter Reader

£2.95 £3.54 Inc. VAT
Plug in Micro SD card adapter for the Nintendo Gamecube. Allows the use of of memory cards larger than 2GB and up to 512GB in Swiss.

For Nintendo Gamecube / Wii GCSD Micro SD Memory Card Adapter – Transparent

£3.00 £3.60 Inc. VAT
Use a Micro SD memory card to run homebrew software on a modified Gamecube or Wii console. Works with action replay, gc loader or picoboot. Picoboot modded machines require the swiss dol file to be renamed as ipl.dol and added to the root of the SD card. Place the adapter in memory slot 2, keep memory slot 1 for the standard GameCube memory card.

For Nintendo Gamecube Xeno GC Mod Chip Swiss Boot SD2SP2

£3.50 £4.20 Inc. VAT
The XenoGC is a mod chip for the Nintendo GameCube which is installed directly to the optical drive's logic board. It enables the execution of debug commands and reading of DVD+/-R/RW media. All region games and backup games can then be read.